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Stable andSolid

Investment Approach

Traditional Values

Turicum’s foundations are based on traditional values that provide safety and stability to our clients. Our shareholders, managers and employees are committed to the very highest level of professionalism and personal integrity, taking full responsibility for every action undertaken.

As a truly independent financial institution, we deliver high quality investment advice and asset management services that are not bound by group policies or driven by outside influences. This attribute is a rare commodity in today’s financial world.

Technical & Disciplined

Our focus is on getting the asset allocation right. Asset allocation is the term used to express what proportion of a client’s bankable assets is allocated to the different asset classes (such as liquidity, bonds, equities etc.). Several scientific studies have proven that the correct management of the asset allocation has by far the strongest effect on the portfolio’s performance. In other words, if your money is allocated to the right asset classes over the right time period, your portfolio performance will exceed your expectations.

Cautious & Conservative

Our investment strategy is cautious and conservative. At all times it is our target to safeguard your assets and to achieve solid long-term growth within the specific investment profile – a risk based approach.

We work on the basis of a fully transparent fee structure. We do not look to achieve additional income through the offering of our own investment products. Therefore, by being free of any financial incentives, our investment decisions are made with the sole purpose of best meeting your particular needs. Furthermore, our fee structure is not performance related. Therefore, there is no incentive for us to take on more risk than agreed.