Turicum Educational Trust

On 6th March 2020 Turicum Private Bank set up a Registered Charity in Gibraltar under the Charities Act, with Registered Charity Number 316. The Charity is known as the ‘Turicum Educational Trust’ and its objects are to advance and assist any programme, cause or arrangement which would benefit the educational needs of children in Gibraltar and which would constitute a charitable object under the laws of Gibraltar. In particular, and without limitation, the Trust aims to:

(a)   to provide physical supplies to educational institutions such as books and stationery; and

(b)   to provide donations to educational institutions which would support the educational needs of children in Gibraltar.

The Trustees of the Charity are all members of the Bank’s Management team. The Bank also has an active Charity Committee which organises a number of events with the aim of raising funds to finance the objects of the Charity. For further details on the Turicum Private Bank's deeds please refer to the ‘Actions’ page .