We are especially proud of our independence and find it brings added value to our clients. It means that all our business partners are selected according to their professional expertise and our clients’ personal needs as opposed to a protective group policy. In addition, thorough due diligence is carried out on all business partners that we are associated with.

Financial Stability

We do not depend on any external financing to operate. In order to protect the Bank and our clients’ wealth we do not engage in any risky banking activities. As a consequence, we do not provide any corporate or investment banking services and we do not provide commercial loans.

Unlike other banking groups we are not involved in proprietary trading and are proud of the fact that our balance sheet is very solid and as risk free as possible. This is another important reason why you can be confident that your assets are safe with us.

Personal Touch

As a client of Turicum, you get direct access to a team of highly skilled and experienced relationship managers who are at hand to assist with all your banking needs.

Our team includes private bankers, asset managers, lawyers and accountants. All of whom are highly qualified, skilled and experienced with a solid background in private banking and investment management. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a multi-linguistic service. We believe that our employees’ expertise, coupled with our high staff-to-client ratio, are what attracts and retains our clients year after year.

Our Clients
Our Clients

Our client, their assets and servicing their needs are at the heart of all we do.

Investment Approach
Investment Approach

Turicum applies investment experience and risk management expertise to help private and institutional investors.

Our Mortgages
Our Mortgage

Find out what types of mortgages we offer and how we can help you.